Evolution of PVS – An Inspirational Vision
Actuated by a clear Vision of disseminating a comprehensive and a well-informed strategic
knowledge alliance of PUMPS + VALVES + SYSTEMS powered by an Analytical Research, we
discovered an ‘Information GAP’ of a composite ‘Knowledge Base’ pertaining to pumps, valves and systems under one envelop and thus the idea of coming up with Pumps, Valves And Systems
germinated to offer an all-inclusive coverage of the industry under a unique chronicle.
The Research

Extensive qualitative and quantitative research has undergone behind the evolution of PVS magazine. We concluded from the above research, which also includes concrete views and opinions sought from prominent industry technocrats, that it is more apt to amalgamate pumps, valves and system under roof rather than encompassing the subjects in isolation for the following main interdependencies of Pumps Valves & Systems with each other:

~ Pumps & Valves are inevitably utilized hand-in-hand in the Production Systems of diverse application industries.

~ Pumps & Valves are selected as per the Production System conditions, its layout and the materials handled to maintain optimization in System performance which in turn also dictates the longitude and performance of Pumps & Valves.

~ Accurate maintenance of pumps & valves help in preventing expensive production break-downs in the System that increases the life cycle of the Production Systems resulting in Capital Expenditure Savings and Production Efficiencies.


PVS stays abreast with the latest industry scenario in terms of legitimate articles, corporate profiles & interviews, updated industry news, product & process innovations, techno-business industry trends and technical know-how sections.

The motto of PVS, “Magazine for the industry & by the industry”.

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